How to use the wish list functions

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You can open your marked (saved) archive reference codes by selecting Merkzettel/Bestellen (wish list / request) from the menu.

To fill a wish list with saved reference codes, mark the relevant data records that you have found via the navigating or general search by ticking the checkbox next to the information and then click the Merkzettel/Bestellen (save / request) button. The reference codes will then be transferred to your wish list.

Wish list functions:

  • Markierte als PDF (Save selection as PDF): This will generate a PDF for you to save or print. The PDF will open in a new browser tab.
  • Markierte per E-Mail senden (Send selection via email): Select the reference codes that you would like to send to your email address and click on the button. If you want to send yourself an entire wish list as a PDF, select the wish list from the wish list overview and click “send wish list”.
  • (Vor-)Bestellen (Reserve / Request): You can reserve these items for use in the reading room at the Political Archive. The “request” button is only available on the PCs in the reading rooms. If you request files, they will be taken out for you when items are next removed from the storeroom. The “request” button allows you to request files for use in the reading room on a specific date. More information on requesting items is available here: How to request items.

ATTENTION: The functions described above can be used for a maximum of 500 entries. You can use the functions for all entries in a wish list via the wish list overview. You can request a maximum of 40 archive reference codes for use in the reading room.

If you have added items to a wish list without signing in and then sign in afterwards, the search hits will be added to the top wish list (if you have more than one wish list in use). The entries will be ordered alphabetically and cannot be rearranged.

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