Wish list (Merkzettel)

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How to use personal wish lists

You can use a wish list to save detailed information on archive material that you have found via the search function.

You can use the wish list to reserve these items for use in the reading room at the Political Archive.

All items added to your wish list will be sorted according to their fonds reference code; the entries from the name search will be displayed alphabetically.

You can create as many different wish lists as you like. Each wish list will be assigned to your active usage topic. If you change your usage topic, you will be able to access any other wish lists that you have created there.

If you have more than one wish list, every time you want to add a reference code to a wish list, you will be asked which one should be used.

How to add a reference code to a wish list:

To add a reference code to a wish list, tick the checkbox next to the reference code and then click Merken/Bestellen (save / request). You will then receive a message, where you can select your desired wish list or create a new one.


You should limit each wish list to 500 saved entries. If it contains more entries, some of its functions may be restricted, such as the option to request items and generate a PDF.

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