How to request items from a wish list

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If you have placed files on your wish list, you can request them for use in the reading room at the Political Archive.

1. Open your wish list by selecting Merkzettel/Bestellen (wish list / requests) from the menu and clicking on the first tab Merkzettel (wish list). If you have more than one wish list, you can select a wish list from the Merkzettelübersicht (wish list overview) (second tab) by clicking on the name of the wish list followed by the Merkzettel anzeigen (show wish list) button.

Merkzettel aufrufen.JPG

2. Now select individual files or all files from the wish list by ticking the checkboxes in front of each reference code.


3. Click on the Vorbestellen (reserve) button. If you are using one of the PCs in the reading room at the Political Archive, you can also press the Bestellen (request) button to place an instant order.

4. Use the calendar function to select the location (1 - Politisches Archiv) of the files and a delivery date.

5. Confirm your selection by clicking Vorbestellen (reserve).

6. You will then receive a message to confirm whether your requested items can be delivered and informed of any delivery problems (e.g. restrictions due to terms of protection). Save or print the list to make sure you have an overview of your requested files. The list is automatically sent to your email adress as well.

After placing an order, you can choose whether to remove the requested files from your wish list.

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