How to request items which are not electronically registered

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The cataloguing information for some fonds of the Political Archive has not been completely uploaded into the database yet.

These archival materials are registered on analogue or scanned "Abgabelisten" (paper lists). You can view those in the reading room. In many cases, archivists will be able to provide scans as well.

Files identified in this way can be ordered via the database. To do this, you need to call up the "empty" data sets. The following steps are necessary:

  •      Select "Advanced Search" in the "Search" tab.
  •      Click on the option "auch unbewertete Unterlagen" (include unappraised documents).
  •      Enter the archive reference code found on the paper list. You have to use the reference code designations from invenio (you can also use truncations here).
  •      Search, transfer to wish list and request as known.

Please note: if the archive fonds in question is only partially subject to archival retention periods, you will need the support of the archivists when placing requests. In this case you will not see any results!

Example: the archive user has identified the files RAV 204-1/1301, 1302 and 1303, which have not yet been catalogued electronically, using the paper list of the diplomatic mission in Paris I (RAV 204-1). In order to call up the files, the following input is required in Invenio:

Bestellung unbewertete UnterlagenENG.jpg

Search result: the unappraised files bear the title "ohne Titel". They can be selected and ordered to the reading room.

Bestellung unbewertete Unterlagen2ENG.jpg

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