Access rights (Rechteprofil)

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In the “access rights” section of your profile (Rechteprofil), you can see the fonds and archive reference codes that have been unlocked for your use.

You can find your access rights by selecting Benutzerdaten (user details) from the menu.

Separate access rights are assigned to each use, as your rights will always be granted for one specific intended use.

If you click on the reference code, a direct link will take you to the fonds, or to a detailed view of the items if the reference code is for one specific individual file.

The name of the fonds or title of the items will be displayed under Titel. If you have been granted access to several file reference codes in a fonds, no title will be displayed here. In such cases, the reference code link will take you to the fonds.

The type of restriction will be displayed under Recherche-/Benutzungsbeschränkung (search / usage restriction), which is also where you will find a link to a help article with further information. You can find more information on terms of protection in the help article on search and usage restrictions.

Under Rechteumfang (scope of rights), you can see whether you have been granted rights for a search, request or both.

Some of the items and cataloguing information in the Political Archive are subject to terms of protection under the provisions of the Federal Archives Act (BArchG) and are therefore not freely available on the Internet. Once you have been granted the right to access restricted information, it will only be displayed after you have signed in to invenio and only in the reading room at the Political Archive.

If you have not been granted the appropriate rights, you might be shown a different number of hits on the Internet. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact the team at the Political Archive to find out whether you can view those files.

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