How to run a navigating search

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The navigating search function offers systematic and contextual access to the contents of the Political Archive.

Items in the archives are kept in structured fonds. The fonds are generally formed according to their provenance (i.e. source).

For example, files created by the international law division of the legal division of the Foreign Office are assigned to the fonds entitled B 80 "Allgemeines Völkerrecht" (international law). Therefore, the division is the provenance of those items.

Navigating searches allow you to browse fonds topics via the hierarchical structure and then navigate further through the classification in a selected fonds.

This will show you the archive items within the context of their creation alongside other files created within the same context.

How to navigate through the hierarchical structure:

Select the navigating search from the menu bar, so that it is highlighted in yellow.

Now select a point within the hierarchical structure, e.g. “Sammlungen" (Collections). All points with a plus sign in the hierarchical structure can be opened and closed with a click. You can do this at each point to click your way through the hierarchical structure until you reach the fonds level.

If you click on a fonds, information on the fonds will appear in the detailed view. This section can also be opened and closed by clicking on the plus and minus signs. The fonds classification will also open beneath the hierarchical structure.

You can then follow the same steps to click your way through the fonds classification until you reach the files level. This is where the archive reference codes and cataloguing information is displayed.

You can select an individual archive reference code (by checking the checkbox) to add it to your wish list and then request it for use in the reading room.

You can view digitised files straight away in a new browser tab by clicking on the Digitalisat anzeigen-link (“show digital copy”).

View in the navigating search: fonds B 32-ZA was selected, which contains the records of the division responsible for bilateral relations with the USA, among other things, in the Political Division from 1972 onwards. In the classification, the filing plan position "320.00, Verfassungspolitik, Staatsoberhaupt" (Constitutional Politics, Head of State) was chosen. Note: The actual file reference number (here: 320.00) begins in the classification only after the automatic classification numbering by invenio!



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