Retention period

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This is the legally stipulated amount of time for the storage of documents or the amount of time established by the donor during which the documents are still required for administrative purposes. Any documents that are deemed unsuitable for archiving may only be destroyed (“cancelled”) at the end of a retention period. The retention period should be distinguished from the term of protection stipulated by archiving laws.

Notes on advanced searches and name searches in invenio:

If you select “only documents at the disposal of the Political Archive” or “only expired retention periods”, you will only be shown files that can be requested for use in the reading room. If a term of protection is yet to expire, you will have to request a reduction of the term. You can find more information on terms of protection in the help article on search and usage restrictions.

If a retention period is yet to expire, you may be able to access the archive material via the issuing authority in accordance with the German Freedom of Information Act (IFG). The retention periods are determined by legal standards and the working units that hand over the files to the Political Archive.

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